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ACT 2012 Pro Upgrade

ACT 2012 Pro Upgrade
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Model: act 2012 pro
Manufacturer: Sage Software

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ACT 2012 Adds:

Messaging & Installation. As computing becomes more and more sophisticated it can also become more complicated.  See the new, improved installation of ACT 2012.

ACT for Web. Everyone wants to be "in the clouds" and ACT users are no exceptions.  Learn more about ACT for Web so you can see first hand if this is the right solution for your company.

ACT Scratchpad. ACT users constantly on the go and demand that their software keeps up with them. With ACT 2012  you can add, delete and edit Notes, Histories and Activities without having to fire up ACT.

Universal Search.  If you use ACT you know that it is the lifeline to your business.  Learn to quickly search through your database to instantly put your fingers on the exact information you need.

Google Integration.  For years Outlook has been considered as "the" E-mail client.  However, in recent years Google has become increasingly popular.  In ACT 2012 you have a new option for email integration: GMail.

ACT 2012 Pro Upgrade
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