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Need to learn ACT in a hurry?  Try these video training modules which will step you through the learning process of the most common ACT features.  For only $25/month (or $250/year) you'll have complete access to the ACT Training videos by Karen Fredricks.  In addition you'll have full access to training videos on just about any software product you can think of!  <Click Here to Purchase>

TABLE OF CONTENTS - Click the underlined titles for a free preview

1. Getting Your ACT! Together
2. Putting Your Database to Work
3. Using ACT! to Improve Your Memory
4. Reporting on Your Progress
5. Merging Information into a Document
6. Developing an E-Marketing Campaign
7. Using the Web to Build Your Database
8. Working with Sales Opportunities
9. Grouping Your Contacts
10. Creating Company Records
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